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Looking through my journals and email, I found out that I was wishing for a lot of good things to happen. I claimed to be “hoping,” but I did not/could not be confident the desired outcome would happen. That is not what hope is about. Hope is more than wishing. [Want to know more? Click here.]

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Praise God for His Majesty

Majesty is just a fancy word for greatness or grandeur. It comes from Latin. We use it to talk about Her Majesty, the Queen when we talk about the Queen of England. We are saying that the Queen is great and grand. Other synonyms for majesty include illustriousness and stateliness. It also has a sense of nobility about it.
However, it is often found in the Bible in describing God. He is the ultimate in greatness, grandeur, and stateliness. He is the highest nobility there is. So using majesty to describe God makes sense. Some of my favorite praise passages in Scripture use majesty as part of the description of God. A few of those passages are below.
1 Chronicles 29:11: “Yours, O Lord, is the greatness and the power and the glory and the victory and the majesty, indeed everything that is in the heavens and the earth; Yours is the dominion, O Lord, and You exalt Yourself as head over all.”
Psalm 45:3: “Gird Your sword on Your thigh, O Mighty One, In Your splendor and Your majesty! And in Your majesty ride on victoriously, For the cause of truth and meekness and righteousness; Let Your right hand teach You awesome things.
Psalm 93:1: “The Lord reigns, He is clothed with majesty; The Lord has clothed and girded Himself with strength; Indeed, the world is firmly established, it will not be moved.”
Micah 5:4: “And He will arise and shepherd His flock In the strength of the Lord, In the majesty of the name of the Lord His God. And they will remain, Because at that time He will be great To the ends of the earth.”
Hebrews 8:1: “Now the main point in what has been said is this: we have such a high priest, who has taken His seat at the right hand of the throne of the Majesty in the heavens,”
2 Peter 1:16: “For we did not follow cleverly devised tales when we made known to you the power and coming of our Lord Jesus Christ, but we were eyewitnesses of His majesty.”
Whether the Scriptures are talking about the God of the Old Testament or about the Lord Jesus Christ of the New Testament, His majesty is noted. That’s because God is great in every way and majesty is the one word that can describe that greatness. Praise Him for His majesty.

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